Thursday, February 5, 2009

cohabitating tastes

needing to channel the seemingly endless downtime (read: compulsive internet surfing) afforded me by my wonderful job- though sadly i'm only at this one 2 days a week- but really, i need to cut down my time spent researching obscure things on the world wide interweb. e.g. last week i spent 8 hours trying to identify 2 monstrously large plants my honey and i bought at an estate sale. true, i was successful- go me- but honestly, 8 hours?! too much - though i now know, or at least am convinced, that i have a queen of night cactus tree thingy and a angel winged, cane begonia (who knew that begonias could grow 12+ feet tall!) . anyway moving into our little house 2 months ago has inspired more projects than i can handle, let alone know how to do, but again, that is the beauty of the internet! after waaaaay to many hours researching "how-to's" i have rewired 3 old, broken lamps i picked up at the alameny flea market, reinforced the joints on a bunch of old, wobbly picture frames and cleaned up the rest, with plans to refinish some of them on the burner. i hung them up clean, but mostly empty just to get them out of the way (or so i told c. who, "thinks empty picture frames look weird") but i like them! and they only look a little odd hanging out all empty with their "weird selves". i haven't strung wire on the backs or taken off the joint ties- i will get around to making them hang straight and look a bit neater but in the meantime i think i've got a convert and the empty frames can stay.... i just need to refinish the lane end and coffee tables i got off craigslist - must say that there is some comfort in pre-restored pieces for i know once i put all the effort into fixing them up i will be afraid of messing them up. but, having logged at least 20 hours researching how to restore mid century furniture and 10 more trying to identify the wood used and the year the pieces were made i have to fix them to assuage my guilt for being a "how-to" internet junkie. (for those who were curious, lane furniture, when it was made in alta vista, virginia date their pieces via the serial number but they put all the information in backwards e.g. serial #569001 means that the piece was made on 10/09/1965 -i may be flubbing this a bit but you get the idea).
anyway, its amazing how much more cohesive our motley assortment of living room furniture now looks with 2 matching end tables and a complimentary coffee table to anchor them- then i made some pillow covers in the main living room colors to help blend them all together (green couch + red couch + turquoise chair + purple curtains = coordinating headache) putting up some of my yarn cones above the windows also seems to help with the color balance and certainly with freeing up some space in my studio.

so next up is a carpet/rug- they are soo expensive! and so many of them are downright ugly. i have a modular carpet i made out of old upholstery swatches that i'm quite partial too, naturally, but it got vetoed for being "too busy". i assumed that when we moved in together decorating would be easy and fun because we have similar taste- turns out that similar taste is not quite the same thing as sharing a brain and that my cluttered/everything cozied or upholstered aesthetic is not shared by c. sigh.
so the modular carpet has been disassembled and stowed in the closet and i'm now experimenting with making a rug runner our of burlap and my scrap wool yarns that i don't know what to do with - it's coming along okay- still trying to decide if i want to leave it just woven through on the weft threads or i want to do it warp-wise as well- and then of course, to felt, or not to felt! but i am days away from such tough choices (though if i continue to find working links to watch house online my progress will surley be speeded)

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