Saturday, February 7, 2009


is what i've decided to call the tung oil residue which, 24 hours later (many of those spent scrubbing with a very hard and painful scrub brush) i still have slightly green, cement hard goop dried onto my nails, knuckles and palms. the label suggested applying it by hand! i thought i was being safe by using a rag, but no, i actually had to pry my fingers apart numerous times. why didn't i stop? because i am me and my rationalization process goes like this: "humm, this is quite sticky i wonder if i should stop, wash up and put gloves on"..(brain responds to brain's question)"if you are going to wash it off now, you might as well finish the job and wash more of it off later as it's too late to avoid washing altogether." sounds reasonable of course (to me) so as i proceed i add to the goop party on my hands and allow it to slowly dry over the 2+hours that i spend finishing my new honey,sweetie,baby birthday present spinning wheel (mwah mwah mwah c;)
the wheel has fared better than my hands and looks beautiful (and not at all sticky, the lucky bastard). another 2 hours putting it together and it appears to be ready to go! just a bit of oil (i wonder if knitting machine oil will work?) and find the roving i dyed before the move- still packed up in the basement probably. hooray! now if i can just scrape off the rest of this tungidue mess- blech

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