Thursday, February 5, 2009

zipper rants

oooh fun- a customer is eyeing the pillows i just made for my day job- very satisfying, if not particularly lucrative, sigh. on the upside, after spending 4 years in school staunchly anti-zipper (working at mission thrift for years disillusioned me -so many garments rendered useless by a shapely booty busting a zipper and tearing a seam - the only upside being that i then got to go home with great fabric to re purpose- and that broken zipper chucked in the garbage to go take up space in a landfill somewhere with god-knows how many chemicals leeching out into the soil- pthalates anyone? i mean really, as cute as gay seagulls are i think the adoption/insemination options for queer birds are as under evolved and limited as some of our equally un evolved states (ehem, you know who you are and we're not going to put up with it much longer thank you very much)- but i digress- my point is, sewing pillows for not very much money but a good cause (my boss' are gems and on a budget) i get practice on my self imposed, rusty zipper application skills and a brief rest bit from trying to figure out how to make a a reversible closure out of thread scraps and force of will;) now if only i can get down the sewing time to under an hour, consistently- damn zippers! perhaps i will try and sell my boss on the classic and classy back placket closure and explain to him that its for the good of all the little gay birdies out their who cant adopt but can look forward to generations of androgenital mutations...

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